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Elasticsearch is a data storage and indexing engine that’s fast growing in popularity and versatility. It makes makes search easy, whether it’s 10,000 word documents or millions of logs. It’s scalable, redundant and extremely fast. It also provides various search optimizations like significant terms, context and correlations between results.



When it comes to collecting logs from many different sources, you can’t go wrong with Logstash. It has numerous input plugins, powerful filters and mutators and various output options. It’s the perfect way to ship logs to Elasticsearch. Since it’s so versatile it’s also often used to connect disparate systems and incorporate aging systems into newer ones.


If you’re already using Elasticsearch, Kibana is the natural choice when it comes to dashboards. Not only is it very configurable, it immediately gives you an eagle eye view of your data. From there you can drill down into various segments and timespans to get a clearer idea of what you’re looking at. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can create beautiful dashboards that will give meaning to your data.

Cloud Services

Cloud services

With the sheer volume of Cloud providers on the market today, it’s impossible for a business to know and manage each of these services. Each services comes with it’s own pros and cons, tricks, trip ups and optimizations. We take the guessing out of these services and provide you with what you want: a working solution.

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